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Decopatch crafts

Decopatch treeDecopatch...our newest, exciting activity at Fired Arts.  Choose from a variety of patterned papers which are simply glued onto a hard surface to produce a smooth texture and real paint effect.

Decopatch paper is easily applied to any kind of surface (flat or uneven), from glass and wood to pots and paper mache, to get a real paint effect.  Decopatch paper is deep-dyed and glazed. It will not break apart when glued, and the colors will never fade or run.  Because it is a very thin , but strong and flexible paper, decopatch is especially easy to use.

How it works

Decopatch jewellery boxYou choose the item you wish to Decopatch and the papers you wish to use - we have 36 to choose from.  We will then demonstrate how to use the product on our 5ft tall giraffe!  Then simply start ripping and sticking the papers to your item until you have the required finished effect.

What is the cost?

Decopatch frameWe charge a £3 studio fee per person if you Decopatch on pottery. Wooden and papier mache items dont incur any studio fee and start from £5. Any additional papers can be purchased at £1.25 per sheet.  We also stock the papers, glue, varnish and brushes for you to purchase to take home.

Decopatch papers can be used on almost any hard surface including wood, plastic, glass and ceramics and so are perfect to revamp different items in your home.

Decopatch parties

Decopatch cowWe can now offer Decopatch parties for 8 or more children.  Children will have the choice of bisque and papier mache items to decorate with Decopatch paper.  Alternatively, why not have a Decopatch letter party?  Children will be able to Decopatch a 20cm letter in the initial of their name - perfect to put on their bedroom wall.  Prices are £11 without food or £14 with a quality selection of party food.

Decopatch take-away kits

We are now stocking Decopatch kits ready to buy and take home with you.  Each kit contains a Decopatch item, small sheets of Decopatch paper, a pot of glue, a Decopatch brush and instructions on how to Decopatch your items.

These lovely kits are presented in a rectangle papier mache tray.  This can also be decorated using Decopatch.  The kit contains enough paper and glue to cover both the item and the tray.

The kits are priced from £9 each and are perfect as a gift or an introduction to Decopatch.  We can also make up kits for you if you do not see the one you require.

For more information on Decopatch why not visit the Decopatch website.


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