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Make a mosaic

Mosaic artDon't fancy painting a pot?  No problem.  Why not create your own unique mosaic on a 4 inch tile?  We will supply the tile, glue, mosaic pieces and advice so that you can create your own, unique mosaic.  These are perfect to use as a coaster or hang them on a wall as decoration.  These start at £7, with no added studio fee.

Wooden Dog MosaicWe now have wooden shapes that can be painted with acrylics and then the mosaics are glued on top.  These start at £10 for the 20cm size and £15 for the 30cm size to include all materials with no added studio fee.  The shapes include birds, cupcakes, dinosaurs, hearts and wording.  Christmas themed items will be available soon.

 Also available and perfect for gifts are our mosaic kits.  These are priced at £15 per kit and include all the materials you will need to create the mosaic.  Various different ones are available including fairies, cupcakes, monkeys and dinosaurs.  We are able to source lots of different shapes so please contact us if you have any specific requirements.

Butterfly Mosaic KitBird Mosaic Kit

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